Here I publish some of the walking routes I take during my time taking street photos whilst in London, feel free to follow them! I plan to add more, such as those walks which take you past graffiti for interesting backdrops for your work.

The Tourist Route

Thursday, 01 August 2019

Walk takes approximately 3 hours. Closest station is Blackfriars.

1 )
Tate Modern
It's a good place to start in the morning, or have a tea before going for a long walk. The art also provides good inspiration for the afternoons photography ahead.

It's also a good place to ditch your partner whilst you go on adventures if they're a little bored of your photography obsession.
2 )
St. Pauls
Head North and cross the Millennium Bridge towards St. Pauls. Sights to note are the people having lunch in the courtyards and on the front steps of the Cathedral.
3 )
Fleet Street
Follow the road "Ludgate Hill" around and then go over the crossroads into Fleet Street. the crossroads are usually quite busy and it often pays to loiter for a few moments.
4 )
The Strand
Go past the Royal Courts of Justice on your right. Sometimes there are a few small scale protests occuring out front. Infrequently a man may be there banging his drum.
5 )
Australian High Commission
Negotiate around the australian High Commission and head towards Covent Garden. The light tends to get a little dark by a few stops around this area, but sunlight shining through the trees can still make for interesting lighting.
6 )
Covent Garden
At Mountain Warehouse turn right and head into Covent Garden. It's always good for lots of people and street performers and is worthwhile to hang around for a bit.

Keep heading north and around the central building and follow the path out. (via James Street)
7 )
Long Acre Road
Turn West from James Street and follow the road down towards Leicester Square.
8 )
Leicester Square
Lots of street performers are around here, it's worth also keeping an eye out for eccentrics passing through.

There is an hidden fountain in the middle, which occasionally sprays water out from concealed jets in the ground.

Sometimes football supporters will hang around this area, after leaving the pubs where they watched the game in. They can get a bit roudy and noisy but generally OK and fun to take pictures of.
9 )
Piccadily Circus
Keep heading west out of Leicester Square and following Coventry Street. Again, another top spot for hanging around for a few moments to watch the wide range of people walking by.
10 )
Regents Street
Keep heading West, onto Regents Street and follow the curve around to the North/North West. You may have to change road sides a few times depending on where the sunlight hits. Typically on the West side in the morning and East side in the afternoon, with the curve making things slightly more complicated to predict. Often, due to the mirror effect of the glass buildings, it's good to look out for highlights on the dark side of the street, which can give lovely candid portraits when timed right.
11 )
Oxford Circus
The highlight of the tour. The underground station here is often very busy throughout the day. Again, spending a few moments here is certainly worthwhile.
12 )
Oxford Street
Heading due west again and onto Oxford street. Again, typically the south side is in shade in the afternoon whilst the north catches the sunlight. It's often to best to walk the street on the south side and return via the north side, with the sunlight behind you.

Look out for the gangs of teenage cyclists who go up and down the street. often doing wheelies (I believe it's associated with standing up to knife crime in the city)
13 )
Marble Arch
This is the point where the people traffic on Oxford Street diminishes and it's best to about face and start walking back down Oxford Street, this time on the north side with the sunlight behind you.

During the extinction rebellion, a Banksy mural appeared on Marble Arch, it's worth a brief stop in the tour for a look.
14 )
Wardour Street
Follow Oxford Street back East and past Oxford Street Station over the crossroads. This area is particulary active during the evening (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturadays). Deviation from the given path is recommended.
15 )
With M&M World to your right you will briefly enter Chinatown and return to Leicester Square. Walking South you'll head towards the National Gallery and into Trafalgar Square.
16 )
Continuing further South and heading towards Whitehall and Westminster, you will take a sharp turn left towards the Jubilee Bridge to cross the river and onto the Southbank. After the left turn, it tends to get a bit quiet and dull on this road, with the Corinthia Hotel on your left, you can take some solace in the guests expensive cars.
17 )
Jubliee Bridge
Crossing the Jubilee Bridge is a novel experience and allows you to look down on the crowds walking on the southbank for some interesting "looking down" photographs. When it gets dark the bridge is worth a visit to have a look at the unique and colourful lighting in-place.
18 )
The South Bank
Coming off the Jubilee Bridge, you will start heading East and following the South Bank and the river back to the starting point, the Tate Modern. There's a gallery just underneath the Oxo tower with often does photography exhibitions that's worth a stop for a quick look.

Upon following the riverside walk, you will go past the BFI, the National Theatre and the Southbank Centre, often a people magnetic for all walks of life. During the summer the Southbank center builds an outdoor stage surrounded by deck chairs for the public to come relax and watch some free entertainment.

A regular new attraction on this portion of the south bank is the street food market.
19 )
Pick up your missing other halfs from here, it's time to go home.