This selection of photographs was taken over a period of six months, on Bond Street, in London outside the budget clothing store Primark.

London doesn't necessarily have a street culture that you may associate with other big cities such as New York, people don't live their lives on the streets aspects such as social events, meeting people and having fun take place in other locations, sometimes in private. To make eye contact with a stranger on the streets of London is a big social faux pas.

These photographs show a side of the British people that is the closest to street culture as you could get, more specifically British shopping culture, the act of waiting, passing time after your shopping experience is over with, waiting for a bus home or a taxi, or a family member who hasn't quite finished yet.

Shopping in London can also be a big family outing and planned event, spending the whole day there to buy your whole years worth of new clothing. The experience may also extend to needing to stop to eat, usually pulling out the sandwiches you made at home in the morning from your back pack.

Shopping also extends to a clash of multi-cultural diversity that London as a city represents, all sorts of people from many different backgrounds come together to share the Primark experience.

This is street culture with an British twist.

pram, mother, shopping, window, bags, paper bags
bike, cycle, child, children, father, brothers, window
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family, father, brothers, children, sitting, shopping, waiting
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