the purpose of making books has been a considered one. The initial idea was to use book making as a tool to teach myself how to edit and put together photographs into a meaningful collection, this is still an ongoing process and so far it has been helpful in helping me identify the good photos from the bad and be more critical of my work, separating the feeling of taking the photograph from the actual photograph as an artwork - also in contrast in helps feedback into my process of helping me fine tune what it is I'm looking for.

Street photography is very much a process of self discovery and analysis, finding more about yourself and what inspires you to keep going.

I've taught myself many new skills, including coptic stitching, perfect binding, over stitching and how not to glue my fingers together during the process.

Metal Photo Book Experiment #1

Wednesday, 07 August 2019

This photo book contains mixed work from both London New York.

This is also the first attempt at an A3 sized photo book, with gloss photo paper and aluminum print covers, stuck together via a piano hinge stuck on using JB Weld.

The front and back covers are the result of a special printing process, that prints directly onto the aluminum.
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